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Fraisière  Duquette Strawberries
We grow several types of strawberries such as Veestar, Jewel, Glooscap, Annapolois to name a few.

Our strawberries normally come in season near the end of June and last 2-3 weeks.
We are proud of the produce that we have. All of it is grown on our own farm and not brought in from elsewhere.

If you have any questions regarding our produce or would like more information, please contact us:
We have had our own beehives for a couple of years now and started selling honey in 2014.  Our honey is light in colour and very sweet.  The bees love the nectar from our fruit, especially the raspberries. We sell only honey that is raw and unpasteurized.  We take it directly from the beehives, above the queen excluder.  The only thing we do with the honey is that we double strain it to remove any wax and other stuff that may be left in the honey. 
We grow different types of pumpkins ranging in size from small ones for the children to large Prizewinner pumpkins.  We are now growing butternut and pepper squash and various gourds.
High quality and 100% customer satisfaction are our top priorities.

In August/September, we have corn available. It is picked and placed on our wagon at the front of the house.